Psychic Awareness Workshops


Psychic Awareness Workshops

There are great energy shifts taking place and we are all having our vibrations lifted, you may feel this is the time to acknowledge psychic and spiritual awareness.


What is Psychic Awareness? – Everyone is born with psychic awareness and psychic abilities but over time if they go un-nurtured we seem to lose them. Sometimes people call them their sixth sense or gut feelings. If you sense an atmosphere when you walk in to a room. If you have been thinking of someone and suddenly out of the blue you see or hear from them. Or the phone rings and you know who it is. These are examples of your psychic awareness.


Is now the time to nurture your psychic awareness and psychic abilities, is it time to remember what you have forgotten?

We run two Psychic Awareness Workshops that will teach, guide and inspire you in the development of your own spiritual journey. 

Learn by using fun, interactive, practical exercises which will teach and inspire you.


Foundation Workshop 

This is a beginners course which builds a foundation for you to develop on. We start with the basics of any psychic awareness and abilities, gradually building up your understanding.

Energy – sensing and feeling your energy and others

Auras – what are they and how to see them

Chakras – what, where, why, and learn to sense and feel them

Meditation – to help relax, expand and open your mind

…and so much more

We help you to connect with your senses and psychic abilities and start you off on a journey of discovering how you can use them.


Advanced Workshop

So now you understand the basics, you’ve built a foundation, got your connection with your abilities and started to use them. This course expands upon that knowledge and we find more ways and use more tools to help develop your psychic abilities further.

Psychometry – is the art of holding a personal object or photo and using your psychic abilities to give a message

Scrying – the art of using reflective tools such as a crystal ball or ink and water, with psychic intuition to give a message

Divination – the art of reading an item with psychic intuition and symbolism to give a mesage

…and so much more


Build your awareness and learn to use your abilities.

We can come to you, at almost any venue!

We ensure that we can give you individual as well as group attention.

Please contact me for further details and price.



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