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Psychic Art Workshop

A Psychic Art Workshop is a fantastic and enjoyable way to engage right brain activity, your creative side. Tap in to your intuitive and psychic abilities through various art forms such as painting a Soul Picture, drawing an Auragraph or creating an Encaustic Art Scene.

What is Psychic Art?

Psychic Art is one of the lesser known psychic skills, not to be confused with Spirit Art.


Psychic Art is where you tune in on a psychic level to a persons energy, also known as the auric field and pick up details of their personality, their life and surrounding issues. From this you can be inspired to draw, paint or colour a picture that is a representation of the recipient’s life and give a reading from that picture or art form. Psychic Art can often take the form of symbols, landscapes, scenes etc


Spirit Art is where you tune in on a mediumistic level to Spirit. The medium is then influenced by Spirit to draw, paint or colour a picture that is a representation of the recipient’s life or people in spirit around them. Spirit Art is often very artistic even if the medium has no artistic skills at all and can take the form of the recipient’s loved ones, landscapes and spirit guides. Obviously there is no proof that a drawing of a spirit guide is true, unless you are given the same image or description several times by different people. You are also usually given a message from spirit.


So, you don’t need any artistic skills to engage in psychic art, it is the form, symbolism and colours that are more important. There are various ways you can perform Psychic Art from simply interpreting the colours of a person’s aura, symbolic scenes and pathways, auragraphs which tell a story of someone’s life and even creating something as a visual representation. There are simple versions such as Splash Art to more artistic representation such as Encaustic Art.


Psychic Art is like a colourful picture that you produce as your psychic intuition flows. It is visual documentation of a reading that no doubt the recipient will love.


If you and your friends would like to try various types of psychic art for yourselves, as a Workshop or part of a Spiritual Development Course, 

please contact me to discuss.


Love & Light


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