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Psychic Awareness – Spiritual Development

Sheffield and Surrounding Areas


On the following pages you will find details of Psychic Awareness and Spiritual Development

Whether you want to experience psychic awareness in the form of


Psychic Experience, a day or evening party of fun filled entertainment and enlightenment in different bite sized psychic experiences.

Psychic Awareness Workshop, a full day’s workshop tailored to your needs and requirements.

Psychic Awareness Training Course, a two hour, weekly, more in depth course spread over a few weeks.

Psychic Art Workshop, a full days’s workshop exploring various art forms such as painting a Soul Picture, drawing an Auragraph or creating an Encaustic Art Scene. 

All of the above will teach you about energy, aura’s, psychic abilities and using a variety of tools to help.

Maybe you are ready to move on from using psychic abilities and would prefer to join a Spiritual Development Group (please note, this is on hold at the moment)

Psychic awareness and spiritual development take many forms, from the way you think and feel… to your psychic abilities… healing… mediumship and much more.


Please feel free to browse through our pages. I hope that you find something that will help to teach, guide or inspire you!


Love & Light


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