three card tarot spreads

Three Card Tarot Spreads

Three card tarot spreads are one of the most popular spreads to give quick and simple readings that are informative and can cover a multitude of questions.

Drawing the cards – choose the cards by any method that suits you but here are some suggestions.  

  • I would suggest that you first shuffle the cards whilst thinking about the question or subject.
  • You may then want to cut the cards and pick all three from one pile or cut the cards in to three pile and pick one from each pile.
  • You may like to spread the cards and choose three that you feel are right, or that stand out to you.
  • Or you may just simply pick three from the top of the deck.


Spread the cards in a way that you are happy with. 

  • You may decide to place them in a straight line but you don’t have to read them in a straight line for example you don’t have to read them in the order of 1, 2,3. You may decide that you would prefer to read them in the order of 2,1,3 a Past, Present, Future spread is often read in this way.
  • You may prefer to place them in a triangle with two cards at the bottom and one at the top or vice versa.
  • You may prefer them to run in a diagonal line either upwards or downwards. Experiment, play around and see what you find is best for you.


Here are some more examples of how you might like to use them.

  • Daily Spread – Energy of the day, How you feel about it, How it affects you
  • Past, Present, Future – what has brought you to where you are, where you are now, what the future holds.
  • Mind, Body, Spirit – where you are mentally, where you are physically, where you are spiritually.
  • Background, Problem, Advice – what the background to the situation is, what the problem is, advice to take.
  • Challenge, Advice, Outcome – what the challenge or situation is, the advice given, what the outcome could be if you follow the advice.
  • Head, Heart, Hands – what do you need to know, what do you need to accept or embrace, what do you need to do.
  • Hope, Fear, Opportunity – what are hopes, what are your fears, what opportunities are coming.
  • Morning, Afternoon, Night – what to expect this morning, afternoon and night.

These are just a few suggestions but you can use them for anything like this, just hold the intention of what they are for as you chose and place the cards.


Love & Light

Mystic Fox

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