My Oracle Deck Collection

This is a list of decks in my oracle deck collection in alphabetical order.

I will work my way through them randomly and write a review of each deck. The reviews will be my own personal thoughts and feelings about the deck. Just click on the deck name to follow the link to the relevant review.

I have various oracle decks as each one is unique and gives a different vibration and messages.

Many are used like Tarot Decks but whereas tarot decks tend to have a certain structure along a journey of 78 cards Oracle decks are completely different and have varying numbers of cards from as little 20 to over 100.

Oracle Decks also include Divination Cards, Meditation Cards, Chakra Cards, Angel Cards, Fairy Cards, Animal Cards many many subjects, variants and structures.

Both Tarot and Oracle Decks can be used for different purposes and in combination with each other.

My Oracle Collection will not grow like My Tarot Collection but I will occasionally update it 

My Oracle Deck Collection


Angel Oracle

Angel Therapy

Angels of Atlantis

Animal Messages

Animal Spirit

Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards

Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards

Archangel Michael

Archangel Oracle

Archangel Raphael

Ascended Masters

Ascension Cards

Brian’s Deck

Chakra Wisdom Toolkit

Conscious Spirit

Crystal Wisdom Healing Kit

Daily Guidance from your Angels

Divination of the Ancients

Enchanted Map

Energy Oracle

Faerie Wisdom

Guardian Angel Oracle

Karma Cards

Life Purpose

Lord of the Rings

Magical Unicorns

Manifesting Prosperity and Success Affirmation

Medicine Cards

Meditation Healing

Messages from your Angels

Mystical Wisdom

Native Spirit

Natures Whispers

Oracle of Visions

Original Angel Cards (expanded edition)

Palmistry at your Fingertips

Quareia – The Magicians Deck

Return of Spirit

Romance Angels

Secret Language of Color

Shaman’s Oracle

Soul Cards 1

Soul cards 2

The 5 Keys to Happiness

The Angel Deck

The Crystal Deck

The Meditation Deck

The Wisdom of Words

Wee Star Oracle

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms

Wisdom of the Oracle

Woodland Wisdom


I also have various mini oracle decks, which I will not be reviewing as they cannot be bought separately.

A Radiance of Angels
Ask the Angels
Angel Action Cards
Angel Aura Cards
Angel Blessings
Angel Heart Love
Angel Whisper
Angels and Earth Angels of the Universe
Angels of Awakening – Angelic Wishes
Angels of Awakening – Lessons of Love, Life & Creation
Angels & Love
All You Need is Love
Blessings from the heart, honouring your true Self
Crystal Affirmations
Crystal Fairy
Goddess Oracle
Harmony with the Universe
Reflections of Nature
Your True Calling


Love & Light

Mystic Fox


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