one card tarot draw

One Card Tarot Draw

The one card tarot draw or single card reading is actually quite a versatile reading, even though it is only one card.

This type of draw helps you to focus on a particular subject or question that you have asked or about what surrounds you at the present time. It will provide a concise answer to your question or lesson that you are learning.

Always use the cards in a way that suits you best. Although it doesn’t hurt to get a basic understanding of the cards meanings, I would always recommend that you use your intuition and inner guidance rather than learning the cards parrot fashion. 

Drawing a card – choose a card by any method that suits you but here are some suggestions.  

  • I would suggest that you first shuffle the cards whilst thinking about the question or subject.
  • You may then want to cut the cards and pick one from a pile.
  • You may like to spread the cards and choose one that you feel is right, or that stands out to you.
  • Or you may just simply pick one from the top of the deck.

Other useful ways of using a one card draw.

  • You can use this as a Daily Draw to ask…What can I expect today?…What will be unexpected today?…What is my lesson today…
  • To study and learn the card meaning.
  • To meditate upon it.

As you look at the card ask yourself some simple questions like

  • What are your first thoughts and impressions of the cards
  • How does this card make you feel?
  • What stands out to you? is it the background, foreground, a person, a symbol?

Then ask yourself about that scene, person or symbol

  • What has attracted your attention to it?
  • Is it the colour, an expression or an action?
  • Is it what that means to you? what does it mean to you?

Taking it a step further, you could put yourself in the picture of the card, in that scene and use your senses

  • What can you feel?
  • What can you see?
  • What can you hear?
  • What can you taste?
  • What can you smell?
  • What are you doing?
  • What do you know?
  • How do you feel?

It would be a good idea to write this information in a journal or workbook and then see how it related to your day if it was for a daily draw. Or how you interpreted the card if you are studying them. Or what insights you gained if you are meditating upon them.

These are just a few thoughts on the use of a one card draw but as you can see there is so much you can learn from just one card.


Two Card Tarot Draw

Following on from the one card draw you can expand this by drawing another card to go with it. Some people will ask a question and draw a card but then they might need a little more information so they then ask…please explain further or please give me more information and draw another card.

You would then see how this card relates to the first card, how it enhances it or expands the information. Does it tell you things will happen quickly, that everything will be blissful or you may meet someone, who?

If you have asked a question along the lines of ‘what will be the theme of today’ or ‘what issues will there be today’. You could draw another card and ask ‘how can I make best use of today’ or ‘how can I overcome today’s issues’. Again see how the card relates to the first card, is it telling you to use the wisdom of the person in the card, fight for your rights, send out love or just go with the flow?


Love & Light

Mystic Fox



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