Chrysalis Tarot

Created by Toney Brooks & Holly Sierra

Chrysalis Tarot is one of my favorite decks at the moment. This is a unique deck with it’s own system. It originally came out in 2014 but I didn’t get it until 2016 when it was published as a kit with the cards, tuck box, fairy ring spreadsheet, lwb and the companion book.

To be honest I haven’t read the companion book yet but it is something that I intend to do. Because I read intuitively I like to get straight in to the cards and find my own way with them first. I do want to read the book though to find out what the creators thinking is behind the cards and get their slant on them. I think it will be interesting and may update this when I have done so.

Toney Brooks and Holly Sierra are co-creators of the deck. Toney Brooks is the author of the book and Holly Sierra is the illustrator of the cards.

There are 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana have several name changes from the Rider Waite Smith (RWS)

0 – Merlin (Fool), 1 – Raven (Magicain)s, II – Sorceress (High Preistess), III – Gaia (Empress), IV – Green Man (Emperor), V – Divine Child (Hierophant), VI – Lovers, VII – Herne The Hunter (Chariot), VIII – Ma’at (Justice), IX – Storyteller (Hermit), X – Wheel, XI – Papa Legra (Strength), XII – Celtic Owl (Hanged Man), XIII – Ariadne (Death), XIV – Golden Flower (Temperance), XV – Bella Rosa (Devil), XVI – Kali (Tower), XVII – Elpi (Star), XVIII – Moon, XIX – Sun, XX – Phoenix (Judgement), XXI – Psyche (World) but the traditional names are also on the cards.

Changes in order of RWS cards are VIII – Ma’at (11 Justice) and XI – Papa Legra (8 Strength).

The Suits are Stones (Pentacles), Mirrors (Cups), Spirals (Wands), Scrolls (Swords)

The Courts are Page, Knight, Queen, King but each one also has a title, see below

The Minstrel: King of Stones
The Artiste: Queen of Stones
The Illusionist: Knight of Stones
The Acrobat: Page of Stones
The Sojourner: King of Mirrors
The Watcher: Queen of Mirrors
The Dreamer: Knight of Mirrors
The Healer: Page of Mirrors
The Companion: King of Spirals
The Muse: Queen of Spirals
The Corsair: Knight of Spirals
The Mime: Page of Spirals
The Poet: King of Scrolls
The Weaver: Queen of Scrolls
The Visionary: Knight of Scrolls
The Pilgrim: Page of Scrolls

I love this deck, I love it’s uniqueness, it’s hardly ever in it’s box and usually hanging around somewhere near by. I would not class it as a beginners deck but it is lovely to read with.


Love & Light

Mystic Fox 

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