Meditation Preparation

This page is to help you prepare for meditation, to help those new to meditation, overcome the initial hurdles and to integrate meditation in your lives long term.

The right time and place depends on your lifestyle and the space you have available. Before you start meditating it is a good idea to ensure you do not have too many outer distractions to disturb you.

It is best to choose a time when you know it is likely to be quiet, no one knocking on the door or children running in and out. Let people who live with you know that you are going to spend some time meditating. Pets should be out of the room and telephones turned off. There will always be some noise beyond your control, however with practice you will be able to enter a meditative state wherever you are and whenever you want.

It is said that first thing in the morning is an excellent time to meditate as your mind is not as cluttered. Do not attempt to meditate if you are over stimulated by caffine or alcohol or over tired.

Remember this “ME” time for you.

Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and have a blanket around your shoulders or legs if you think you may get cold.

You should sit in a comfortable position. Sitting crossed legged with a straight back is a good position but it isn’t neccessary. If you find this position uncomfortable find a position that is. Sitting in a chair with your feet placed on the ground and a straight back is also good. If you need to you can lie down on your back with your face up but be careful you don’t fall asleep. If you need cushions to support you, use them.

If you wish light a candle and/or play some quiet mediative music.

The final thing I would say to do is to try schedule a regular time to meditate. Whether this is daily, weekly or monthly, try to meditate if possible at the same time on the same day etc. This will help train your brain and if you are meditating to connect to the Spiritual Realm will regulate a time and place of contact.

You are now ready to begin.


Love & Light






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