sand divination

Sand Divination

Amathomancy is a form of divination by reading sand. This is an almost forgotten method of divining. It is the divining of sand particles, dust or in the olden days a dead persons powdered remains.

There are several ways to divine with sand. It is best to place about 3 – 4 inches of sand in a container. Sand from the beach is great for this but you can use play sand or coloured sand just as well.


Sand Divination and a Pendulum

For one form of sand divination, dry, grainy sand is probably the best so that it will leave good markings. Also a pendulum or divining instrument will be required that can dangle and swing, moving freely and easily.

Smooth the surface of the sand. Hold the pendulum so that it touches the surface of the sand. Close your eyes, focus your intent and state your question as clearly as you can either in your head or out loud.

Holding the pendulum loosely to allow greater mobility let the pendulum swing and glide through the sand for a minute or two, until it stops of its own accord.

Open your eyes and see what symbols have been left in the sand.

Sometimes you may see *Y* marks for yes and *N* marks for no or *P* can be perhaps later. Use your own intuition to decipher the symbols that you see, such as stars, moons, dogs, airplanes etc.  Or of course you can apply symbology to their meanings.

Write down all the symbols you see. Then interpret them to apply to the question that was asked. This is a great method of using and strengthening your intuition, and the learning of symbology.

There are other methods of Sand Divination that I know of, one of which does not use other tools and one of which utilises seashells and driftwood etc. Although seashell divination is a subject in itself.



If you would like to be taught any of these methods of Sand Divination I also incorporate them in to the Psychic Awareness Workshops and Classes.


Love & Light

Mystic Fox


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