Bottom Divination

Rumpology is a form of divination by reading a persons bottom. It is performed by examining crevices, dimples, warts, moles and folds of the buttocks to divine the individual’s character and gain an understanding of what has occurred in the past and get a prediction of the future.

Readings can be performed either by sight, touch or by using buttock prints and rumpologists have a variety of theories as to the meaning of different posterior characteristics.


rump roundrump heart upside downrump flat


American rumpologist, Jackie Stallone states that the left and right buttocks reveal a person’s past and future, respectively. The left buttock contains a record of the original description of a person’s personality and make up, as it is unaffected by time and experience. The right buttock contains an ever-changing record of a person’s life events and developments, as well as provides indications of things to come. The right buttock also represents the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain, while the left buttock represents the right hemisphere. The gluteal crevice or cleft (the crack) represents the division between the ying/yang, good/bad, light/darkness, between your past – the left cheek and your future – the right cheek. It provides an indication of how affected a person is from their time and experiences, where the magnitude of affectability is represented by how smooth and straight the crevice is

German rumpologist, Ulf Beck states an apple-shaped, muscular bottom indicates someone who is charismatic, dynamic, very confident and often creative. A person who enjoys life. A pear-shaped bottom suggests someone very steadfast, patient and down-to-earth.

British rumpologist, Sandra (Sam) Amos claims that a round bottom indicates the person is open, happy and optimistic in life. However, a flat bottom suggests the person is rather vain and is negative and sad.

Sam reported there are 8 features of the buttocks that have unique personalities, issues, and/or futures.

They are listed in the following table:

Heart-shaped buttocks Emotional, romantic, sensual
Square buttocks Cool, calm, collected
Flat buttocks (female) Anxious, need to relax
Round buttocks Pushy, outgoing, determined, selfish
Lines on the bottom left cheek Feeling pressure from your partner
Dimple on the top right cheek (round / triangle) (Indecisive / Fiery)
Dimple on the far right of the right cheek Shows a new job in the future
Mark near the gluteal cleft Indecisive at work


History of Rumpology

Jackie states that rump reading is an art that was practiced in ancient Babylon, India, Greece, and Rome. The ancient Greeks thought the derriere was the key to health and fidelity and the Romans used prints of the gluteus maximus the way some people use palmistry today, to determine potential talents and future success, although there is no historical data to support this.

She states that ancient rump reading was done when the seeker covered his or her derriere with HENNA dye (a brown- orange dye made from plant fibers) and sat on a medium (such as papyrus) to leave a impression, much like a fingerprint, palm, or foot print. Such prints are highly individualistic, as no two people share the same markings.



An example of an ancient ‘rump print’.

As on Jackie Stallones website

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