Egg Divination

Oomancy is a form of divination by eggs. There are many methods of egg divination. Probably the most well known, if any are well known, is for the client to chose an egg and take it to the reader. The egg is then carefully pierced and the white is blown or poured out into a clear glass or bowl of warm water. The egg white forms shapes and patterns which are then interpreted in much the same way as scrying.


Another form of egg divination is performed by asking the client to hold a whole raw egg cradled in both hands while focusing on their question or issue. The client should spend some time in meditation of the question or issue with eyes closed. The client then open their eyes to signal readiness for the answer. They should then immediately break the egg into a clear glass or bowl of water. The egg is examined by the reader for marks that may indicate the answer to the client’s question or the solution to the client’s problem. This form of egg divination is especially popular with clients who do not wish to reveal the situation that is troubling them.


People used to and still do in some countries have an egg reading to determine whether a client has been given the evil eye. A whole raw egg in the shell is passed over the client’s body. The egg is gently rolled along the skin surface from the top of the body to the waist, along both arms from shoulder to fingers, and down both legs to the toes and heels. The egg may then be cracked into a clear glass or bowl of water. The reader then examines the contents. If the egg contains blood or any strange matter, this is considered to be a sure sign that the person has been given the evil eye.


As symbols of beginnings, eggs may also point you in unexplored directions or at least give you new information that you may have overlooked before asking your divinatory question.


Not only do eggs serve as wonderful oracular tools that you can perform divinations with, but when you’ve finished, you can eat them as well, feeding on the wisdom you have uncovered.



Love & Light

Mystic Fox



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