Arrow Divination

Belomancy is a form of divination using arrows. It is an ancient practice used by the Babylonians, Greeks, Arabs and Scythians. The King of Babylon was known to use this method to also seek direction and omens. The Bible also refers to people using this method.

The arrows were marked in some way either by symbols, messages or different feathers. If at a fork in a road an arrow would be shot up in to the air or tossed by hand and depending which way it pointed when it fell would show the way to take.

Or if asking a question three arrows would be drawn one might have a message on it saying ‘God forbids it’ and one might say ‘God orders it’, the third would be blank. Whichever flew the furthest would be the answer. Or if it was blank they would find which was the nearest to it.

Sometimes arrows would not be shot at all, they would be shuffled in the quiver, then placed on the persons back. The person would then draw an arrow from the quiver behind him so that he couldn’t see which one he was choosing. 


Love & Light

Mystic Fox

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