Aleuromancy – Flour Divination

Aleuromancy is a form of flour divination. 

The name “Aleuromancy” is derived from Greek, where “aleuron”, means flour and “manteia”, means divination.

This type of divination can be used in a few ways, one of which is still in use today.

In ancient times the Greeks would write philosophical messages which would be rolled, put in to flour balls and baked. These would then be mixed nine times before being given to people, who would consider these messages as their fortune or prophecy.

As time has gone by people started to put messages in small hard cakes or buns. Fortune Cookies are today’s modern variant on this form of divination. 

Another practice of aleuromancy consisted of interpreting patterns of flour left in a bowl in which a flour and water had been mixed and poured out from or to throw flour onto the floor and interpret the patterns formed. 


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