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Esoteric and Mystic


This is a section where I will be covering thoughts and tutorials that are on subjects of a more Esoteric or Mystic nature.

Why? you may ask.

That’s because everybody starts somewhere, I started with a pack of tarot cards and later became vice president of a spiritualist church. It is the ‘intention’ that you place in your learning and your spiritual path that is important. Used correctly a pack of tarot cards is a very valuable tool on your journey of spiritual enlightenment. 

There are so many ways to become aware of, connect with and tune in to Spirit. These pages are here to help you to find the right tool or tools for you.

I hope you will find these pages informative but also light hearted, entertaining and fun. 

In this section I will be covering various topics such as:

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards which will include: General Information, Meanings, Spreads, Journaling, Deck Reviews etc


Divination which will include: Well known forms such as Tasseomancy (tea leaf reading) and lesser known forms such as Ovomancy (egg reading). Which I hope you will find fun and interesting.


Scrying which will include: Crystal Balls, Ink and Water and other mediums.


Dowsing which will include: How to dowse with Pendulums, How to use Dowsing Rods and How to Make your own Dowsing Rods etc


Dream Catchers which will include: Dream Catchers history and How to make your own Dream Catcher.


Ribbon Wheels which will include: What are they, How to make them and How use them.


…and much more


Mystic Fox pages are linked to the Mystic Fox YouTube Channel which has video tutorials and reviews. Please check out the links below for Mystic Fox on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Love & Light

Mystic Fox


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