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Dr Mikao Usui

Brief History

Reiki is derived from two Japanese words Rei-meaning universal spirit and Ki-meaning life energy. Pronounced Ray-Key it means ‘Universal Life Force’.

Reiki is an energy healing technique which was founded by Dr Mikao Usui who lived between 1864-1926. It is said that Dr Usui had been studying healing methods and had come across some material that greatly interested him in the Buddhist scriptures. Buddha was an enlightened master who lived around 600 BC. In one of these scriptures he found Symbols and Mantras which are key to the Reiki healing technique. He did not know how to use this information so embarked on a 21 day meditation and fast on Mount Kurama near Kyoto. On the last day of his meditation Dr Usui had a flash of insight or enlightenment. It was then that the symbols, mantras and their application became clear to him.

As Dr Usui was coming down the mountain he stubbed his toe and caused it to bleed. He put his hand around his foot, using the healing energy. The bleeding stopped immediately and the pain vanished. He felt that he had something that would touch the lives of others, Usui Reiki started in Japan at that point.

Reiki is not attached to any religion or any belief system, it does not conflict with an individual’s religious beliefs, or lack of religious beliefs. Reiki is acceptable to atheists and believers alike.


 mount kuarama

 Mount Kurama



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