Healing – Reiki, Angel, Crystal, Spiritual

Sheffield and Surrounding Areas


On the following pages you will find details of various healing modalities, which will include: Reiki Healing, Angel Healing, Crystal Healing and Spiritual Healing.

Reiki Healing and Reiki Training including Reiki Refresher Courses 

I am a Reiki Master / Teacher and Animal Reiki Master. Please see information on treatments, training, attunements and refresher courses. You will also find guidelines on preparation, a brief history and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Angel Healing

I have been attuned to Angel Healing and I am also a certified Angel Card Reader, please see information on treatments and readings.

Crystal Chakra Balancing

I am certified in Crystal Chakra Balancing, please see information on treatments.

Spiritual Healing

I am currently undergoing training at Attercliffe Spiritualist Church.

If you would like Spiritual Healing please pop down to

Attercliffe Spiritualist Church, Bold St, Sheffield, S9 2LR on either Monday or Saturday nights

details on Attercliffe Spiritualist Church website


We are all healers in our own way, whether it is through Channelling Healing Energy, Listening, Comforting, Compassion or other abilities. There are many ways of helping someone to heal from emotional, mental or physical issues. If you would like more information on training please contact me.


Love & Light


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