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Welcome… to Ambassadors of Spirit

I believe we are all ambassadors of spirit. We are all as one, from the same source. You may already understand what I mean by this or it might sound strange to you, depending where you are on your spiritual path and your point of view.

The Ambassadors of Spirit website has been created to help, teach, guide and inspire you on your own personal journey of spirituality and spiritual awakening. 

Topics will cover learning opportunities, services and an understanding of 

Psychic Awareness and Psychic Abilities

Spirituality and Spiritual Development

Mediumship and Meditation

Reiki Healing and Reiki Training

Angel Healing and Spiritual Healing

Psychic Parties with Psychic Readings, Psychic Pamper Parties and Psychic Experiences

Spiritual Churches and much more.


There is also a separate section named ‘Mystic Fox‘ for thoughts and tutorials on the more esoteric or mystic subjects such as

Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards

Scrying and Dowsing 

Divination with Mancys such as Tasseomancy (Reading Tea Leaves)

There will also be more practical subjects, such as how to make a Dream Catcher or a Ribbon Wheel etc.

Mystic Fox pages are linked to the Mystic Fox YouTube Channel which has video tutorials and reviews.

Why? you may ask. Why a section on the esoteric and mystic, because everybody starts somewhere. I started with a pack of tarot cards and later became vice president of a spiritualist church. It is the ‘intention’ that you place in your learning and your spiritual path that is important. Used correctly a pack of tarot cards is a very valuable tool on the journey of spiritual enlightenment. 

There are so many ways to become aware of, connect with and tune in to Spirit. These pages will help to find the right tool or tools for you.

You may be at a stage in your life where you are more curious and interested in the spirit world. You may have found yourself questioning your own spirituality and spiritual gifts. You may have a desire to develop yourself further. Whatever stage you are at please have a look through these ever evolving pages. I hope you will find items that are fun, serious, helpful, inspiring and informative.

Welcome, Ambassador of Spirit to your Spiritual Adventure and Journey of Enlightenment


Love & Light



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    Psychic Workshops - One day workshops

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